A Message from Tenzin

Dear Stride family,

I cannot believe how fast this school year passed by, and like that, I am done with the first year of my college. As a college freshmen I learned so much, academically, and intellectually, but more importantly, how to become a well-rounded thinker and person. I would like to thank all of Stride’s generous and supportive donors, wonderful mentors, and the whole Stride family for their continuous support in motivating and inspiring students like, Alejandra and I to reach higher.

This past year, I have learned so much as a student, woman, daughter, friend, and thinker. At St. Joseph’s, I met amazing professors, friends and classmates who taught me to become a stronger individual. I was definitely triggered to think more broadly, and view different topics and circumstances through different perspectives. I would describe my first year of college as very challenging, rejuvenating, and one exceptionally memorable year. This summer, I will be volunteering again (my 4th year!) at Memorial Sloan Kettering as junior assistant to gain more clinical experience as I pursue my Pre-Medical track. I have already started working there, and so far, I am really enjoying my time there with all the wonderful and inspiring individuals I am surrounded by.

I will be returning to school the first week of September. I am excited to once again, explore interesting adventures within the college environment. I would like to sincerely thank each and everyone who has been part of Stride! Thank you! I am extremely grateful for all your help.

Tenzin Yingsal

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