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A Compelling New Website from WNYC and the New York Times

Greetings from Stride!

Recently the New York Times and WNYC radio partnered up to create SchoolBook, a website dedicated to providing data, news, and discussion about the New York City school system. It’s a discussion we wholeheartedly embrace, and it provides a tremendous amount of telling information about the state of education in New York.

Stride focuses on children living in high poverty/high risk communities by providing them with both financial and emotional aid as they work to achieve a higher education. Even in a City as advanced as New York, there is no shortage of high risk communities.

Our partners at Washington Irving High School, for instance, are located right in Union Square, one of the busiest commercial and residential districts in the nation. To the millions of tourists who walk through Union Square every day, poverty is not the word that comes to mind, yet the students there face challenges that simply are not present in the typical high schools.

The results can be seen in the data.

Just 42% of Washington Irving students plan on attending a four year college, and only 40% earn a Regents diploma in four years.

These numbers paint a striking picture of the state of education at Washington Irving, but it is even more astonishing that in New York, these numbers are considered “average.”

Our goal at Stride is to address these alarming numbers by keeping students in school, and encouraging participation beyond graduation. Your donations help make that happen.

We want to encourage you to look around the SchoolBook website, http://www.nytimes.com/schoolbook, to learn more about the state of schools in New York City and join the discussion.

You can also go to our recently revamped website, stridenyc.org to learn about our innovative scholarship and mentoring program and how we are working to address dropout rates in public schools.


Chloe and the Stride Team

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