Helping High School Students from Freshmen Year Until College

“In a city where three quarters of New York City students who were high school freshmen in 2006 did not leave high school prepared for college, what happens early on is critical.” Liz Willen,

A few weeks ago, writer Liz Willen penned a post for the High School Hustle column titled, “Support for Freshmen?” In it she described the multitude of challenges facing students as they transition from middle school into their high school careers. The physical excertion of long commutes and longer days adults can relate to, even if we’ve blocked the trials of growth spurts out of our memories.

The adjustment to larger classes, increased pressure to perform, and adjusting to a more difficult coursework also takes its toll. Willen asks, “… should high school freshmen have some extra help and support, or should they be taught to get their act together on their own, in preparation for the tough and highly competitive world they have now entered?”

We know what our answer is.

At Stride our mission is give students the best opportunity possible to be prepared for life after high school. Part of this is through mentoring and the other part is the Stride scholarship, granted to students in the freshmen year of high school to assure them that their hard work will pay off with a paid-for college education.

Let us know what you think. Should students take responsibility for preparing themselves for their future? Should this be the responsibility of the schools or should nonprofit organizations like Stride be stepping up to assume this role. Let us know what you think by posting a comment to this post on our website,

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