Stride’s First Class Heading to College!

As a mother of a 17 month old, I can’t say I am familiar with empty nest syndrome quite yet, but if it feels anything like what I experienced sitting across the table from Stride’s two current high school graduates, for a celebratory graduation dinner, I can’t say I want to experience it again anytime soon.

I am mixed both with excitement and a little bit of sadness. Stride had the incredible pleasure of getting to know two talented and driven women when they were just girls, entering Washington Irving High School for the very first time as eager and starry eyed freshman. Four years later, two confident and intelligent women sit before me, eager to tackle their future. Alejandra Romero has set her sights on gaining a degree in teaching and will be attending The College of Staten Island of the City of NY and Tenzin Yingsal, a healer at heart, is heading to St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, NY and later medical school.

Both students are equipped with their strong intellect and social prowess and prepared to tackle the challenges ahead and I truly believe that they will achieve anything that they set their mind to.

While we enjoyed a meal together just days after high school let out for the last time for these girls, we reflected back on the past four years and how far they have come both in their studies and with their confidence. I had the opportunity to read through their yearbook (both girls sat on the yearbook committee and were proudly flaunting the results!) and I was delighted to see that, true to form, Alejandra was voted “sweetest” and Tenzin was voted “most likely to succeed.” In my opinion, both girls are already the sweetest and most successful high school graduates I have had the pleasure of knowing.

The girls high school graduation was an equally moving experience, held at Riverside Church on Manhattan’s upper west side. Stride’s very own Tenzin was the Valedictorian and spoke eloquently (check this post if you are interested in reading her incredible speech) and Alejandra glowed as she received her well-deserved and hard earned diploma.

The next four years have much in store for the girls and thanks to the incredible support from each of you who have contributed over the years, both students will receive a $16,000 scholarship to be distributed in increments of $4,000 for each year that they are enrolled for up to 4 years.

I, along with the Stride team look forward to keeping you posted on the girls as they navigate their respective collegiate experiences!

Chloe Hall, President

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