Tenzin was born in 1994 in Nepal and raised Tibet.  A Buddhist, she was named by Tenzin Gyasto, the 14th Dalai Lama.  His commitment to peace, honesty and love inspires her.  Tenzin’s goal is to become a doctor.  Her introduction to this field came through her grandfather, a Tibetan doctor, who practiced herbal medicine.  Tenzin and her family arrived in the United States in 2005.  While in Tibet, her sister passed away because she was unable to get the medical attention she needed.


  • Loves to garden
  • Dances with her friends to Tibetan songs
  • Likes to experiment with fashion
  • Enjoys listening to different music and plays multiple instruments including the piano and the Tibetan guitar



Alejandra was born in January 1994.  Her family is from Mexico and she still has very strong roots there.  Before high school, Alejandra’s career goal was to become a psychologist.  She was interested in helping people with their problems and wanted to boost their self-confidence.  However, after a semester at Washington Irving, she discovered her true passion: education.  Inspired by her global history teacher, Mr. Dakarae, she realized that she wants to become a NYC high school teacher and ultimately a principal. She believes that children are the future and would like to help kids like her find the necessary resources to achieve in life


  • Dancing is her favorite thing to do
  • Likes playing the piano
  • A really social personality
  • Has a cheerful disposition