In an effort to provide a guide for each of the students, Stride has designed a program in which the student can feel comfortable looking to his or her mentor as an outlet.  Some or all of the students accepted into Stride come from families and communities where education is not top priority, many will be the first in their family to attend college and pursue academic success.  It is important to Stride to provide positive role models that offer, by example, an alternative to the life these students are currently surrounded with. The need to reinforce good habits, values, and a vision of the future is imperative – and a primary concern of the Mentor Commitment.

The Mentor Commitment:

  • Each mentor will be paired with a single student
  • Each mentor is asked to commit to a minimum of one semester per academic year (approximately 4 months), and is encouraged to continue on with their student in the years that follow
  • A minimum of one hour per month of face-to-face discussion time between the mentor and student is requested, any additional contact with the student is welcome but not required
  • Mentors are encouraged to use their time creatively and work towards building a solid friendship with their student (as a mentor you are not a tutor, therapist, parent or teacher), some ideas include:
    • Improving the student’s attitudes towards their parents, peers and teachers;
    • Encouraging the student to stay motivated and focused on their education;
    • Providing a positive way for the student to spend free time;
    • Helping the student face daily challenges; and
    • Offering the mentee opportunities to consider new career paths and get much-needed economic skills and knowledge
  • Each mentor is required by law to go through a very basic, non invasive background check in order to guarantee the student’s safety
  • By law, all meetings between mentor and student must remain on the Washington Irving Campus (40 Irving Place, just east of Union Square in New York City)
  • One to two meetings per semester will be requested of the mentors in which all Stride mentors and Stride leadership will meet to discuss the positive and negative aspects of the program so as to build the strongest program possible